Team JiYo is a company based in Denmark with some of the best athletes worldwide within parkour, freerunning, breakdance, hip-hop and other street activities.

Team JiYo are the pioneers of parkour and freerunning in Denmark. We started back in 2002 as a pure parkour / freerun company but has over the years transformed us into a professional and many-armed octopus in street culture.

We have specialized in parkour and freerunning, but we also represent the elite within other street-oriented disciplines based on the acrobatic body, the repertoire covers stunt, stage fighting, acrobatics, break dancing and tricking. As a professional force field, we offer a wide range of services which enable joy of moving and street culture within these disciplines as the primary core.

Our expertise consists of a unique movement experience in the field of physical and theoretical knowledge that we through many years of experience in project and consultancy work of various kinds have translated into a broad professional expertise in three main areas:




Team JiYo has participated in numerous commercials, music videos, big TV Live shows (see a selection in the MEDIA section) and has designed more than 10 parkourparks in Scandinavia, also the worlds biggest parkour park: The JiYo Parkour Park, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

One of our visions is to inspire children, youngsters and people in general to move and experience the freedom and joy of movement that exists within parkour and freerunning. We wish to see possibilities instead of limitations.

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.