Team JiYo underviser børn, unge og voksne – fra 7 år og opefter.

Since Team JiYo was established back in 2002, we have developed ways to train and learn parkour and freerunning safely. When we started training, we had to learn the techniques and develop them ourselves, but since 2002 we have developed our classes, workshops, courses and private tuition in our own way, so that all our students benefit in the best possible way from it.

Being the first company to develop and do classes to schools all over Denmark and generating platforms in the country, we have also designed and developed the worlds biggest dedicated parkour park “The JiYo Parkour Park”, where you can train both parkour and freerunning and be challenged regardless if you are a novice or an advanced and experienced parkour athlete.

We have worked with numerous people fx The Danish National Performance Team, teachers and lectors from international organisations, institutions, schools as well as the business sector, doing teambuilding courses.


Team JiYo has hosted several gatherings and jams through the history of parkour and has hosted parkour classes all over the world: In Russia, England, Iceland, China, Thailand, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Greece, Italy just to mention a few.

Feel free to contact Team jiYo for parkour classes, parkour courses, parkour workshops or private tuition.

In the “WEEKLY CLASSES” and “PRIVATE TUITION” sections you can read more about our different kind of parkour classes.