If you want to improve your parkour / freerunning skills even more in your training and receive a more concentrated training with Denmark’s most experienced instructors in Parkour and Free Running, you have the opportunity to book an instructor for private lessons. Note: max 3 students at a time for private lessons.

To book private lessons, please write to

As pioneers of Parkour and Freerunning in Denmark, Team JIYO has more than 10 years of experience in teaching children, adolescents and adults. The team consists of experienced and qualified instructors, with different areas of expertise, including parkour, freerunning, dance (breakdance, electric boogie, hip-hop, locking), stunt and stage fight. We emphasize safety, thorough and specialized heating and conditioning (training of the body’s joints, tendons and muscles) and some of our core values are the joy of movement and the ability to develop, physically and mentally.

Based in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, Team JIYO has developed close cooperation with international organizations, municipalities, institutions and others and cooperate with organisations all over the world.

With the new JIYO PARKOUR PARK, we have created the perfect environment to ensure a safe and good training with experienced instructors from Team JIYO.

Team JIYO delivers workshops to any group, uniquely tailored to the needs and interests.

Team JIYO always deliver a safe and high-skilled training, and works to promote healthy lifestyles and health through training in safe surroundings.

Our training is based on and the vision to fulfill the following objectives:

- Good health and physical activity

- Self-development through physical exercises

- Achieving a greater motivation for movement by overcoming physical and mental barriers

- Achieving an active and positive lifestyle

- Discovery of the human potential

- Experience the joy of training with others and be part of a community

- Learn to see opportunities for movement in the immediate surroundings

- Having fun.


Feel free to contact is if you have any questions regarding parkour teaching or parkour classes.