We have weekly classes in KM GYM and in the summer time in The JiYo Parkour Park (JiYo Park).

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Team JiYo is the Pioneer in Parkour & Freerunning In Denmark and has existed from the very beginning. We have designed the worlds biggest parkour and freerunning park “The JiYo Park” where we have many of our classes.

Team JiYo has been teaching countless of children, adolescents and adults for several years, made courses for various companies, organizations, institutions, etc. and their Instructors are therefore very competent to teach Parkour, with emphasis on safety, warming up, conditioning (training of joints, tendons and muscles) – in short: everything you need to get started.

From May we start classes in The JiYo Parkour Park in Copenhagen, Ørestaden.



Public Transport: Take the metro to “Vestamager Metrostation”. Look after the orange containers, then you will find the Plug N Play area, which is a big activity area in Ørestaden. The JiYo Parkour Park is a part of Plug N Play.

Private Classes / Tuition

We offer Private classes in all ages. For more info regarding private classes / private tuition please write us at booking@teamjiyo.com


NOTE: Remember to keep you updated on Events, Training, Jams, Gatherings and more on The JiYo Facebook profile here: Team JiYo Facebook