Team JiYo has developed the world’s first Parkour Training Kit that can be used for primarily indoor parkour training, either in a hall, gymnasium, school or other places with parkour training.

Most of the Parkour Equipment and Parkour Gear can be seen on The Parkour Shop by clicking this link:

Team JiYo has also developed 3 unique rail racks for parkour. The Parkour Rails are designed so that they can be used both by beginners, experienced and experts within parkour and freerunning.

JiYo Parkour Rail FLOW is a stationary rail rack that can be integrated outside. The Rail rack has already been deliverede to Hørsholm Municipality, Kolding Municipality and Viborg Municipality and is used extensively for the weekly parkour training of both schools, PE lessons and the local parkour enthusiasts.

JiYo Parkour Rail BIG is a mobile rail rack, which can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The rail frame is crafted of sturdy iron pipe and designed by Team JiYo; the pioneers of parkour in Denmark. JiYo Parkour Rail PRO can be used whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional.

JiYo Parkour Rail KIDS is designed for kids who love to move. The Parkour Rail is designed so that children can learn virtually all basic techniques to use and train on the rail mount, always keeping it safe and comfortable to learn.

JiYo Parkour Rails KIDS for children comes in many different colors.

See a film about JIYO PARKOUR RAILS here:

See a film about JIYO PARKOUR BLOCKS here: